Getting a Contract for a Mobile Phone Service

Samsung Galaxy S6Everyone uses a mobile phone these days, and there are so many options available on the market that you might have a hard time choosing something. However, you’ve got two options for getting a mobile phone, actually three options – you can get the phone alone, without a phone service, you could get just the phone service or you could get both of them in the same package.

Speaking of this, there is always the need to get a contract when you ask for both a service and a phone, and we’re going to explain to you how to do in each case.

When You Get Just the Phone

As we said, you’ve got plenty of options on the market. You have the possibility to getting just the phone, without a phone service, and it’s very easy. You can go to your service provider and see what they have in their offer or what are the prices that they practice for the phone that you want, and you can get it without closing a deal on another service. You can also go to another provider and if the price is better – meaning if the phone is cheaper if you acquire just the item without a phone service, then you can also get it from there. Even so, make sure that the phone is not coded – in some cases it can work with only the services from certain providers, so pay attention to this when you buy your phone.

As it happens with any item, you will have to sign a contract for buying the phone – the contract will represent your proof that you own the phone and also it will be your warranty that you could use in case something goes wrong with it. However, pay attention that the warranty won’t cover any damage that you’ve made intentionally – it covers only software damage caused by the producer.

When You Get the Service

If you choose to make a contract for getting a phone service – in the case you already have a working mobile phone, you’ll need to pay attention to several things. Usually, these are offered in packages and they start from a very low price with just a few options and they could go to very high prices, including different options and even a free mobile phone.

note-edgeIf you choose something, make sure you choose based on your needs – there are different options for voice and messages, broadband and other facilities.

This is also something that requires a contract, so make sure that you read the contract before signing it. A serious phone service provider won’t try to trick you, but you might have surprises where you don’t expect to.

When You Get Both the Phone and the Phone Service

In this case, you will definitely sign a contract, but you already know this. However, if you choose this kind of package, it might be a little more cheaper – the seller might make you a discount on the phone price or on the service, and it could be in your advantage. Sometimes, you could also negotiate depending on what you need – more minutes for talking with your friends or more broadband to browse the internet.

This type of package is usually done for a longer period of time, usually more than one year, and people chose this because they’ve got better advantages – the phone is cheaper and it’s usually something that they can’t get on their own, being more expensive than a regular mobile phone.

In the end, it’s up to you and your needs what type of phone you choose, or what type of service, but make sure you do it based on your needs and wants, and not on the whim of a moment.